Back Pain

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Back Pain

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Almost 85% of people experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. Nearly a quarter of these people undergo chronic pain and 10% are not able to perform their daily task. Back pain may have different causes featuring; medical conditions, injuries, age and other activities. Once people get older, they are more at the risk of getting diseases like back pain.

What is lower back pain?

Lower back pain happens when you feel pain in bony lumber spine, discs between the vertebrae, alignments around the spine and discs, spinal cord and pelvic internal organs.

Lower back pain mostly affects teenagers so if you are a teenager and have any clear symptoms, go straight to a doctor.

Lower back pain signs

Following symptoms are the most common symptoms among people:

  • Localized back pain
  • Limited movement
  • Inability to maintain neutral posture
  • Difficulty to bend forward
  • Inability to carry heavy things
  • Physical restrictions
  • Having difficulty sitting, standing and walking

 Types of back pain

Back pain of any kind can be both chronic and acute. This kind of disease divides into different types featuring middle, thoracic and…..

When to see a doctor

If you have these following conditions, you should see a doctor:

  • You are younger than 20 or older
  • You have had real trauma
  • You have extensive neurological symptoms

Back pain risk factors

There are many different factors that increase the risk of back pain development in children and teens. The most common of them include the factors below:

Age: when people get older, they are more in the danger of experiencing back pain.

Not exercising: weak and unused muscles can lead to back pain

Diseases: it you have diseases like arthritis are likely to experience back pain.

Smoking: people who smock are at risk of getting back pain. Smoking also reduce blood flow to the spine so it may increase risk of osteoporosis.

Obesity: excess body pain increases the chance of back pain

Mental problems: those who have anxiety and depression are exposed to greater risk of back pain

How to prevent back pain?

There are  variety of methods you can use to prevent back pain. The method below can help keep your back healthy and strong:

Avoid movements that may twist your back

Exercise: exercising increases your muscle power and strength so talk who your doctor about the kind of activity you should try

Maintain a healthy weight: obesity puts extra stress on your back thus in case you are overweigh try to lose weigh

Quit smoking: as smoking raises the risk of back pain, quitting help reduce it.

Back pain diagnose

Back pain is normally diagnosed through physical examination which includes the ability to stand and walk, leg length, leg sensation , range of leg motions and…….

Once you have severe back pain doctor might order other tests like urine test, X-rays, CT scan, bon scan and EMG

Back pain treatment

Many individuals do not need extensive treatment and they get better by over-the-counter pain killer. Yet, in more severe cases stronger treatment may be needed. The most prevalent back pain treatments are described below.


Anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly prescribed to relieve pain

Different types of ointments including gels, lotions, creams and patches may reduce back pain

Alternative therapies

Alternative medicine like massage, CBT and relaxation techniques can help decrease back pain

Home remedies

Home remedies like using ice packs or warm compresses, exercise and organic oils are the other ways to avoid back pain.


In severe case,  if the other treatment options fail, you may need surgery for treatment.

What are the side effects of back pain?

Like any other disease back pain has some side effects. The side effects of back pain includes stomach irritation, sleeping disorders, abnormal liver functions, vomiting, nausea and …..


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